Pin Loaded Rowing Machine

The pin-loaded rowing machine is an aerobic exercise machine that allows for a dynamic exercise experience that can scale up or down in intensity as needed through its pin-loaded weight mechanisms.


Rowing machines have a long history that harkens back all the way to the 19th century. Be that as it may, have been, it was not until all the way into the 60s when we saw some great innovation into their designs that have led to the rowing machines we now know and love today, particularly the fixed flywheel braking system that has made stationary resistance based aerobic activity a possibility. Ever since then, a plethora of rowing machine variants has made their way into the aerobic exercise machine market, with both the air and water resistance-based variant also becoming new popular additions to the gym equipment scene. They have been said to be even more efficient than the traditional treadmills, cross trainers, and exercise bikes, as it allows you to use all of the muscles in aerobic motion all at once, and more smoothly in comparison to the motion of other exercise machines.

The additional upside that the pin-loaded rowing machine variants provide over their other counterparts, however, is that you can manually scale the intensity level of each and every rowing exercise, even adjusting it in between reps. This allows it to be used for a scaling exercise routine that gets harder as you go, and also allows it to be used for new and experienced exercisers alike. It’s a great example of the one size fits all principle being applied into the field of gym equipment, and is an economically sound choice for any home or commercial gym.